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Vacuum Tubes, Inc. - Junior Sales Force

Online Seller Worldwide of Vacuum Tubes, Sockets, Capacitors et al Parts

Welcome to Vacuum Tubes, Inc. and our under-improvement tube store website, based in Orlando, Florida, USA; facilitating the buying-and-selling of tubes and related products all over the world! We have an online shopping cart for easier ordering, and a search bar feature. We specialize in new-old-stock (NOS) vacuum tubes; offering high-quality tubes, sockets, capacitors and other such often-vintage industry parts -- including from vacuum tube manufacturers USA. Owner and vacuum tubes expert Jim Cross and his knowledgeable staff continue to offer the same great knowledge and customer service here at our tubeworld. The Junior Sales Force, as well as our Golden Doodle Annie, thank you for your continued patronage!

Categories can be browsed; but for tubes, it is probably easiest to enter your vacuum tube type number in the above "search" bar. We are continuously adding special types and brands to our vast collection that numbers in the hundreds of thousands of products. Tubes are of various old stock brands, unless otherwise noted.

Orlando, Florida-Based Vacuum Tubes, Inc. Buys & Sells Tubes Worldwide

We are constantly searching for vacuum tubes and other such parts to replenish our stocks. Please Click Here for a list of the tubes we are currently buying, and to preview our bid prices. Also, feel free to call us at Vacuum Tube Inc if you think you might have collectible types or other tubes or tube testers in which we might be interested.

Vacuum Tubes, Inc. cannot thank all of our loyal customers enough for supporting our niche, small, locally-owned business venture over these many years -- including through the COVID-19 pandemic -- for nearly all of our business is conducted online and via mail order; though we have the occasional visitor to our physical location in sunny, central Florida, USA. We sell some of the rare and special items we receive on eBay to reach the widest audience possible; and our our ebay ID is (not surprisingly) vacuumtubesinc.

We are also proud to promote the informative book, Tube Lore II, A REFERENCE for USERS and COLLECTORS, by Ludwell Sibley! It remains available for sale at the price of $34.95 + shipping and handling. It can be purchased through our eBay store below or you can contactcall/email us about adding it to an order.

Please Click Here to visit our eBay store.