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Delay Relays

We have stock of over 100 different types of tube type thermal delay relays. Just select the subheading of the type you need.

"C" relays are normally closed when cold and open up to de-energize a circuit after the given delay.
"F" types are flasher relays that repeat the flash after the given delay.
"NO" relays are normally open when cold and close to energize a circuit after the given delay.

Example nomenclature: 6NO60T breaks down to 6 NO 60 T

"6" - The nominal filament voltage. This is usually a range . For 115 volt (line voltage) types, the range is 115 volts to 124 volts.
"NO" - "Normally open"
"60" - The delay time in seconds.
"T" - Relays with a "T" suffix have a 9 pin miniature base. If no "T" suffix, then the relay has an 8 pin octal base. "T" and "Non-T" types are electrically equivalent, but don't plug into the same sockets.

Some Edison brand relays have "117" as the voltage prefix, but these are equivalent to the Amperite "115" types. The pictures represent the general form, and your relay may appear different if of a different time delay or by another manufacturer.

Click here for a pdf of the Amperite technical data Click Here

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