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Octal Tubes and Their Predecessors

It probably would not surprise anyone to learn that while there are thousands of different tube numbers, many of these are just the same electronic type with a different envelope or different basing. The list below gives 4, 5, 6, and 7 pin types and their octal equivalents. In some cases, the loktal and miniature equivalents are given also. The types given are electronically identical, except for some small interelectrode capacitance differences due to differences in construction, and, given the appropriate adapter or socket change, will, in most cases, work as direct substitutes. These vary from the well known (a 5Y3 is the octal equivalent of the 80) to the obscure (a 6Y7G is the octal equivalent of the type 79). Hopefully you will find the following table useful as some of these tubes can be scarce.

4,5,6,7 Pin Octal Loktal Miniature
1A4 1D5G    
1A6 1D7G    
1B4 1E5G    
1B5 1H6G    
1C6 1C7G    
1F4 1F5G    
1F6 1F7G    
5Z3 5U4G, 5X4G    
6A3 6B4G    
6A6 6N7G    
6A7 6A8G 7B8  
6B5 6N6G    
6B7 6B8G    
6D6 6U7G    
6F7 6P7G    
25Z5 25Z6G    
30 1H4G    
41 6K6G 7B5 6AR5
42 6F6G    
43 25A6G    
75 6B6G 7B6  
76 6P5G    
77 6J7G    
78 6K7G    
79 6Y7G    
80 5Y3G, 5Y4G    
83V 5V4G    
84/6Z4 6X5 7Y4 6X4
85 6V7G    
950 1J5G    
951 1E5G    
  1A5GT 1LA4  
  1E4G 1LE3, 1LF3  
  1H5GT 1LH4  
  6G6G   6AK6
  6J5GT 7A4  
  6R7GT 7E6  
  6SF5 7B4  
  6SK7 7A7  
  6SL7GT 7F7  
  6SN7GT 7N7 6CG7
  6V6GT 7C5 6CM6
  12A8GT 14B8  
  12SN7GT 14N7  
  35Z4GT 35Z3  
  35Z5GT 35Y4 35W4
  117Z4GT   117Z3
  2050   2D21
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