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BAL- 4P-45

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Amperite universal replacement for many 4 pin ballasts dropping 40 to 55 volts.
Specifically replaces types:
40A2, 40B2, 50X3T, 140R4, 140R8, 140R44, 140L4, 140L8, 140L44, 165R8, 165R44, 165L4, 165L8, 165L44, 185R4, 185R8, 185R44, 185L4, 185L8, 185L44, KX42B, KX42C, KX42D, KX49B, KX49C, KX49D, KX55A, KX55B, KX55C, KX55D, LX42B, LX42C, LX42D, LX49B, LX49C, LX49D, LX55B, LX55C, LX55D

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